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For more than 10 years, I have been indebted to Mr. Kumano’s mastering services for various works.
I have been using PHONONON products starting with SMB-02, ML-1, SMB-01L, and so on.

All of them are indispensable in my field, and currently, the SMB-02 is used for percussion recording and DJing, as it is thick but very detailed and easy to listen to.

The ML-1 is indispensable for checking mix balance, because if it sounds right here, there are no problems after that. I use it especially to check the amount of low frequency and the main sound.

The SMB-01L is useful for mix-down using only headphones and for checking the balance and image in binaural mixes such as immersive sound, which is increasing in recent years, because of its spatial characteristics.

Personally, I think that the direction of PHONON, which has long regarded club music as an important genre of music, is a good match for me in the recent music situation where the importance of low frequencies in music is increasing.
I look forward to working with you in the future.

The SMB-01L review by voja on the Head-Fi

The SMB-01L review by voja on the world’s top biggest Headphone reference platform and forum Head-Fi is up!

“This right here is what I call bass heaven and madness!” (voja)

At the same time, interviews with Isao Kumano and Alexandre Prat are also posted.
Please check it out.

MUSIC LIFE 2 Re-released with minor changes!

The ML-2 full-range studio speaker with Bluetooth has been minor-changed and re-released.

The ML-2 has evolved to be more practical with a new Bluetooth chip, not to mention a significant improvement in sound quality! The coloring has also been changed to sunburst, and the price has been significantly reduced, which is a welcome upgrade from the user’s perspective.

Please take this opportunity to check out the ML-2!


Click here for details

SAKi (The Factors)

From the 1st album
He has been involved in the mastering of all my works
Mr. Kumano, who has been working on the mastering of
@phonon_inc Mr. Kumano, who has been
After many years of research
after years of research.

Just by using this cable
the same quality as a few hundred thousand yen microphones.
The sound is now the same quality as that of microphones costing hundreds of thousands of yen.

I can’t help it.
I want to be able to express my own voice
and the one that can express
I want my voice to be
I wanted a microphone that could
I wanted a microphone that could express my voice
I wanted a microphone that could express my voice without any processing.
I was wondering if I should get a better amp, or if I should get a more expensive mic.
I was wondering if I should use a better amp or a more expensive mic, but this one was the answer.

It’s just like when you put a microphone through it.
I’m sure you’ll understand when you stick it in and sing.

The difference you can tell when you stick it in and sing.
Ah. It was all about the cable, wasn’t it?

This is one of those cables that makes you feel love for your voice.
This is one of those cables that makes you love your voice.

This is made for condenser microphones.
Regular cables are also available.
After years of experimentation and research
This work is truly perverse.
It’s the world’s Kumano-san!

By the way.
I also use the headphone SMB-01L for recording.
I also use the headphone SMB-01L
I love it 🙏✨.
It’s the best partner
It’s a great companion.

It’s a great product. ❣️Thank you .

kashii shigeki

I am a recording engineer and I use Messenger for my powered speakers.
It is different from the many cables I have used in the past.
They deliver the original detail without any exaggeration.
Even when I’m mixing, I can clearly see the position of the pan, equalization and compressor.
I can now see the position of the PAN, equalization and compressor.
This is a cable that I can’t live without, as it raises the grade of my studio without making me aware of its existence.


I’ve been asking Mr. Kumano, an engineer at PHONON and one of the leading mastering engineers in Japan, to master my albums for the past five years.
The first time I used the SMB-01L as headphones for checking in the studio, I was curious about them ever since, and I installed them in 2022. I thought the idea of using headphones to achieve studio large monitor sound was very typical of Mr. Kumano, who is both a craftsman and an artist.
When I let my friends try them out, they all said they couldn’t help but laugh.
I’ve been using them with the plates changed to open type, and I had a strange illusion that I had to take off my headphones to check if the sound was coming from the outside speakers at the same time, even though it was only coming from inside my ears.
This is a very enthusiastic piece of gear that gives you a euphoric feeling that cannot be explained in words, not only for music production but also for listening.

JUVENILE / Twitter

bonedo × SMB-01L

Here is a great detailed test review (5/5) (in German) of our hi-end flagship model the SMB-01L Professional Monitoring Headphones “big studio sound in your ears” by Mijk Van Djik on the top German music equipment related site bonedo!

bonedo × SMB-03

Here is a great detailed test review (4.5/5) by Mijk Van Djik on the top German music equipment related site bonedo on our low-end monitoring headphones model the SMB-03:

The Phonon SMB-03 is equally suitable for playing and working on music”  

“symbiosis of DJ and studio headphones”

Stephen Shirk (SHIRK Studios in Chicago)

The great sound engineer and music producer Stephen Shirk about the SMB-01L from his SHIRK Studios in Chicago:

“I do find that the 01L’s are a great way to listen back to finished mixes…  Kind of like putting the mix up on the control room mains.  It’s a more enjoyable experience. Smooth and extended on both sides of the spectrum. I keep the 02’s plugged into my Little Labs Monitor next to the console and my 01L’s at home for checking my mixes outside of the studio.”

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