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About us

PHONON’s mission is to truly convey music’s imagination.

PHONON was born on the mission to “tell people accurate information about imagination of music”.

Using unique ideas and skills , distinguish products that don’t even have category.
This is not the improvement from old systems, it is a resolution from the baseline.

Musicians don’t normally get to listen to the sound they really wanted to play.
The sound at live and CDs, those sounds are degraded in the process of recording.

PHONON’s starting point comes from trying find the way musicians to hear their true sound.

By re-evaluating the “recording to playback” process from scratch and using unique ideas and technologies, we are now offering you new tools to precisely convey the artist’s imagination.

Phonon (phonon inc.) is a new audio brand from Japan, created in 2010, when top professional veteran audiophiles joined with Isao Kumano, a highly respected sound and mastering engineer, Alex Prat aka DJ Alex from Tokyo, Kumano’s partner in the music production team Tokyo Black Star, and Yusuke Uchiyama aka no milk, a producer and audio technician.

After decades of research, dedication and high-level experience in the audio field and industry, looking for better sound delivery, we develop and produce unique innovative professional hi end audio equipment.

Our mission at phonon is to truly convey music’s imagination.