The Amazing full Spectrum Sounds

Mobile Hi-Fi Phone


The 02 Stick DJ headphone!

now available PHONON LIQUID 3n

A revolutionay new contact cleaner liquid using 3nm nanodiamonds.

Featured Comments
  • Charlotte Caluwaerts × SMB-02

    Some great comments about the SMB-02 from the top Belgian singer/composer Charlotte Caluwaerts (Rheinzand, music for dreams, Tundra) for her vocal recordings and her live performances! “Since a half year or so, I got hooked on my pair of Phonon headphones. I use them to record vocals in the studio and  when playing live as well.  With our band Rheinzand,......

  • Reinhard Vanbergen

    Some great feedback and support from the Belgian multi-talented musician, composer and music producer Reinhard Vanbergen from Ghent (Rheinzand, music for dreams) in his studio at work with the SMB-02: “Been using this phonon headphone for the last 2 album mixes and they are like a pair of ns10 speakers but better. Very clear, accurate in the low end precise.......

  • Martin Iveson (Atjazz / Atjazz Record Company)

    DJ / music producer “The SMB-02 are unmatched headphones, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, gets close to the detail they offer me”  ...

  • Christoffer Berg × MUSICLIFE ML-2

    The multi-talented swedish composer, writer, producer and programmer Christoffer Berg with our portable one speaker unit the MUSICLIFE ML-2 at the Elektron HQ: “This is a very cool idea – a super near field reference monitor – the depth of sound at the sweet spot is impressive. Don’t make the mistake of seeing this as another boombox.”    ...