The Amazing full Spectrum Sounds

Mobile Hi-Fi Phone


The 02 Stick DJ headphone!

now available PHONON LIQUID 3n

A revolutionay new contact cleaner liquid using 3nm nanodiamonds.

Featured Comments
  • Martin Iveson (Atjazz / Atjazz Record Company)

    DJ / music producer “The SMB-02 are unmatched headphones, nothing, and I mean NOTHING, gets close to the detail they offer me”  ...

  • Christoffer Berg × MUSICLIFE ML-2

    The multi-talented swedish composer, writer, producer and programmer Christoffer Berg with our portable one speaker unit the MUSICLIFE ML-2 at the Elektron HQ: “This is a very cool idea – a super near field reference monitor – the depth of sound at the sweet spot is impressive. Don’t make the mistake of seeing this as another boombox.”    ...

  • Mathias Schober

    DJ / music producer I was surprised by the level of detail and separation the PHONON SMB-02 revealed. The decay of my bass drum, tails of my reverb, depth and width of my delays all in an affordable package. The Soundstage felt almost like a speaker setup in a well treated room – surprisingly accurate for closed back headphones. If......

  • Tom Lord-Alge

    3-time Grammy Award winner top music producer, engineer and mixer “For years I have relied on my Sony MDR-7506 headphones, that is until I was introduced to the Phonon SMB-02.The Phonon headphone realistically captures the audio that I have been missing from my MDR-7506.The SMB-02 faithfully reproduce a rich, deep bottom while maintaining just the right amount of top end.......