The Amazing full Spectrum Sounds

The 02 Stick DJ headphone!

now available PHONON LIQUID 3n

A revolutionay new contact cleaner liquid using 3nm nanodiamonds.

Featured Comments
  • Damien Plisson (CEO – Audirvana)

    Damien Plisson (CEO – Audirvana) My requirements when choosing audio equipment are more demanding than words can describe. Every single detail is important. Everything has to be perfect, and I don’t like it unless it is. The few devices I use with Audirvana all share the same characteristic. It’s about absolute transparency. The only criterion is how minimal the degradation......

  • Reinhard Vanbergen (Rheinzand, music for dreams)

    multi-talented musician, composer and music producer  “Been using this phonon headphone for the last 2 album mixes and they are like a pair of ns10 speakers but better. Very clear, accurate in the low end precise. Comments from the mastering engineer on last album: had almost no adjustments to do…” Please check and have a listen to Reinhard’s latest 2......

  • Fred Everything (Lazy Days, Montreal)

    music producer / DJ I’m in love with my Phonon SMB-02, they give me a clarity and detail that I couldn’t find in other headphones and I even trust them above my speakers these days. I use them for my own mixes and also for clients....

  • Charlotte Caluwaerts (Rheinzand, music for dreams, Tundra)

    singer / composer  “Since a half year or so, I got hooked on my pair of Phonon headphones. I use them to record vocals in the studio and  when playing live as well.  With our band Rheinzand, it gets really loud on stage and it can get tricky to find the right pitch vocally.  These headphones saved my life during......