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The Amazing full Spectrum Sounds

The 02 Stick DJ headphone!

now available PHONON LIQUID 3n

A revolutionay new contact cleaner liquid using 3nm nanodiamonds.

Featured Comments
  • Frank Wiedemann (Ame, Howling, Innervisions, Bigamo)

    The multi-talented musician, composer and electronic music producer Frank Wiedemann (Ame, Howling, Innervisions, Bigamo, Berlin) in his studio with the SMB-01L: “I am loving my SMB-01L as master headphones in the studio“...

  • DJ Mag × PHONON

    Mick Wilson at DJ Mag UK  reviews the SMB-01L and the SMB-03 in the Tech section of their latest July 2021 issue: “Phonon are masters of perfection and, with all their products, fine-tune them to deliver for professional use. The two headphones are examples of two products done very well.”...

  • Damien Plisson (CEO – Audirvana)

    Damien Plisson (CEO – Audirvana) My requirements when choosing audio equipment are more demanding than words can describe. Every single detail is important. Everything has to be perfect, and I don’t like it unless it is. The few devices I use with Audirvana all share the same characteristic. It’s about absolute transparency. The only criterion is how minimal the degradation......

  • Reinhard Vanbergen (Rheinzand, music for dreams)

    multi-talented musician, composer and music producer  “Been using this phonon headphone for the last 2 album mixes and they are like a pair of ns10 speakers but better. Very clear, accurate in the low end precise. Comments from the mastering engineer on last album: had almost no adjustments to do…” Please check and have a listen to Reinhard’s latest 2......