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Frank Wiedemann (Ame, Howling, Innervisions, Bigamo)

The multi-talented musician, composer and electronic music producer Frank Wiedemann (Ame, Howling, Innervisions, Bigamo, Berlin) in his studio with the SMB-01L:

“I am loving my SMB-01L as master headphones in the studio“


Mick Wilson at DJ Mag UK  reviews the SMB-01L and the SMB-03 in the Tech section of their latest July 2021 issue:

“Phonon are masters of perfection and, with all their products, fine-tune them to deliver for professional use. The two headphones are examples of two products done very well.”

Damien Plisson (CEO – Audirvana)

Damien Plisson (CEO – Audirvana)

My requirements when choosing audio equipment are more demanding than words can describe. Every single detail is important. Everything has to be perfect, and I don’t like it unless it is. The few devices I use with Audirvana all share the same characteristic. It’s about absolute transparency. The only criterion is how minimal the degradation of sound quality is guaranteed to be.

I have very high standards when it comes to audio systems. That’s why I was so excited when I heard that Isao Kumano had personally created the new flagship SMB-01L with the audio professional in mind. Mr Kumano’s reputation as an engineer is so well known in the audio industry that it’s hard to imagine anyone not knowing him. If there is a man who is as demanding about audio quality as I am, it is definitely him.

I’ve tested Phonon headphones in the past and had an unforgettable experience with them in combination with Audirvana. This time, when I first listened to the SMB-01L, I was so amazed that I was convinced that the technical prowess that went into it was like a little jewel that would harmonise perfectly with Audirvana.

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the stunning acoustic performance that the SMB-01L delivers. It’s a real high-end audio system. Everything sounds so clear. All the elements that make up the music were perfectly transparent. I think the most impressive thing was how lifelike the music performance felt. It was as if I was there myself. It was like I was in the studio. It was as though the space around my ears had become nothing but music. There was nothing fake, nothing forced, no colorization whatsoever, natural, good balance and faithful reproduction of the sound of the instruments. I thought that was an amazing ability. And having listened to it with a variety of sources, I have to say I’m in awe of the SMB-01L’s incredible acoustic balance, from its high-resolution, wide dynamic range reproduction to its ultra-low frequency range.

Also worthy of special mention are the soft, comfortable and enduring premium sheepskin earpads with excellent sound insulation. They fit snugly against the ear and the leather texture is just as remarkable as the audio quality of the system. I am not familiar with all the headphones developed by Phonon, but I am convinced that this must be one of the great achievements of Mr. Isao Kumano.


Reinhard Vanbergen (Rheinzand, music for dreams)

multi-talented musician, composer and music producer 

“Been using this phonon headphone for the last 2 album mixes and they are like a pair of ns10 speakers but better. Very clear, accurate in the low end precise. Comments from the mastering engineer on last album: had almost no adjustments to do…”

Please check and have a listen to Reinhard’s latest 2 beautiful solo albums “Presents For Friends” and “Soundtracks” out on music for dreams.


“I couldn’t help myself and bought all 3 PHONON headphones. I run the whole studio on them now. They are all very different and complement each other, while maintaining the same quality and volume. I gave them nicknames: the Workhorse (SMB-03), the Surgeon (SMB-02), and the King (SMB-01L). The last one is like a full surround cinema on your head and sounds so very impressive that it is addictive. Been mixing on all of them and it just turns out very well so far. So easy to check low end, stereo field, and harshness and also just so nice to listen to music in general”.

Fred Everything (Lazy Days, Montreal)

music producer / DJ

I’m in love with my Phonon SMB-02, they give me a clarity and detail that I couldn’t find in other headphones and I even trust them above my speakers these days. I use them for my own mixes and also for clients.

Charlotte Caluwaerts (Rheinzand, music for dreams, Tundra)

singer / composer 

“Since a half year or so, I got hooked on my pair of Phonon headphones. I use them to record vocals in the studio and  when playing live as well. 

With our band Rheinzand, it gets really loud on stage and it can get tricky to find the right pitch vocally. 

These headphones saved my life during our performances. They are cristal clear and they play loud. Just the way I like it .

I love that you can use them for a controlled environment like studio, recordings or recordings for livestreams etc and that they are fit for the wild, loud gigs as well. 

And on top of that: these are the only headphones that look good! “

Christoffer Berg × MUSICLIFE ML-2

The multi-talented swedish composer, writer, producer and programmer Christoffer Berg with our portable one speaker unit the MUSICLIFE ML-2 at the Elektron HQ:

“This is a very cool idea – a super near field reference monitor – the depth of sound at the sweet spot is impressive. Don’t make the mistake of seeing this as another boombox.”



Mathias Schober

DJ / music producer

I was surprised by the level of detail and separation the PHONON SMB-02 revealed. The decay of my bass drum, tails of my reverb, depth and width of my delays all in an affordable package. The Soundstage felt almost like a speaker setup in a well treated room – surprisingly accurate for closed back headphones. If you’re mixing on headphones solely I’m sure these will help you to reach the next level.

Check out the PHONON SMB-02


Tom Lord-Alge

3-time Grammy Award winner top music producer, engineer and mixer

“For years I have relied on my Sony MDR-7506 headphones, that is until I was introduced to the Phonon SMB-02.The Phonon headphone realistically captures the audio that I have been missing from my MDR-7506.The SMB-02 faithfully reproduce a rich, deep bottom while maintaining just the right amount of top end. I also love the way they fit and fell.
The Phonon’s ARE my new reference headphones!
I just love them!”


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