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Best of EAR IN 2021

We are very happy to announce that the German top headphone magazine EAR IN selected our new SMB-01L model as their”Best of EAR IN 2021” headphone in their “Pro – Mastering (kopfhorer) headphone” category in their latest issue!



Reinhard Vanbergen (Rheinzand, music for dreams)

multi-talented musician, composer and music producer 

“Been using this phonon headphone for the last 2 album mixes and they are like a pair of ns10 speakers but better. Very clear, accurate in the low end precise. Comments from the mastering engineer on last album: had almost no adjustments to do…”

Please check and have a listen to Reinhard’s latest 2 beautiful solo albums “Presents For Friends” and “Soundtracks” out on music for dreams.


“I couldn’t help myself and bought all 3 PHONON headphones. I run the whole studio on them now. They are all very different and complement each other, while maintaining the same quality and volume. I gave them nicknames: the Workhorse (SMB-03), the Surgeon (SMB-02), and the King (SMB-01L). The last one is like a full surround cinema on your head and sounds so very impressive that it is addictive. Been mixing on all of them and it just turns out very well so far. So easy to check low end, stereo field, and harshness and also just so nice to listen to music in general”.

Charlotte Caluwaerts (Rheinzand, music for dreams, Tundra)

singer / composer 

“Since a half year or so, I got hooked on my pair of Phonon headphones. I use them to record vocals in the studio and  when playing live as well. 

With our band Rheinzand, it gets really loud on stage and it can get tricky to find the right pitch vocally. 

These headphones saved my life during our performances. They are cristal clear and they play loud. Just the way I like it .

I love that you can use them for a controlled environment like studio, recordings or recordings for livestreams etc and that they are fit for the wild, loud gigs as well. 

And on top of that: these are the only headphones that look good! “

Announcement of the summer holiday.

Announcement of the summer holiday.

Please be informed that PHONON will be totally closed from 8th to 16th of August as Obon holiday (summer holidays).

MOTOWN × Carhartt × PHONON

We are extremely excited to announce our collaboration with Carhartt WIP and Motown (which celebrates this year their 60th anniversary) part of their new clothing collection with the very special co-branded “lollipop” style 02 Stick for DJs phones limited to 313 units which will be available at all the Carhartt WIP stores and online from November 14th!


Moodymann plays Motown Radio show:

SMB-02 on the German online electronic music magazine DJ LAB

For our dear German friends, here is a great review (in german) of our “Studiokopfhorer”  SMB-02  on the German online electronic music magazine Dj Lab. Danke Schone!

Für unsere lieben deutschen Freunde gibt es hier einen tollen Rückblick auf unseren Studiokopfhörer SMB-02 im deutschen Online-Musikmagazin Dj Lab. Danke Schone!


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