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The Re-release of the Mobile Hi-Fi headphones PHONON 4400

We will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter for the reissue of the PHONON 4400 headphones.
The period is scheduled for 30 days from Sunday, May 28, 2023 to Monday, June 26, 2023.


【What is PHONON 4400?】

The PHONON 4400 is a mobile headphone that has been used by many top DJs.
Foldable and compact, the PHONON 4400 is ideal for playback from mobile devices such as smartphones and for monitoring during DJing.
In addition, we have now succeeded in developing a product that is (1) lighter in weight and (2) upgraded in terms of durability from its predecessor.

PHONON 4400 1


【Background of Crowdfunding Implementation】

The PHONON 4400 is still very popular around the world two years after its discontinuation, and there have been many requests for its reissue and re-release.
We have decided to raise funds through Kickstarter to support the re-release of the PHONON 4400.
Kickstarter: An all-or-nothing crowdfunding service based in the United States.


【About Returns (Rewards)】

The upgraded PHONON 4400 is available at a discounted price. (Limited quantities will be available.)
We also offer a number of other plans that allow you to obtain PHONONON products at a discount depending on the amount of your support.


【Project Summary】


We hope that more and more people will be able to get their hands on this wonderful product.
Thank you very much for your support.


PHONON 4400 kickstarter page

The SMB-01L review by voja on the Head-Fi

The SMB-01L review by voja on the world’s top biggest Headphone reference platform and forum Head-Fi is up!

“This right here is what I call bass heaven and madness!” (voja)

At the same time, interviews with Isao Kumano and Alexandre Prat are also posted.
Please check it out.

MUSIC LIFE 2 Re-released with minor changes!

The ML-2 full-range studio speaker with Bluetooth has been minor-changed and re-released.

The ML-2 has evolved to be more practical with a new Bluetooth chip, not to mention a significant improvement in sound quality! The coloring has also been changed to sunburst, and the price has been significantly reduced, which is a welcome upgrade from the user’s perspective.

Please take this opportunity to check out the ML-2!


Click here for details

Legendary keyboardist Brian Jackson wearing SMB-02 in the studio for recording!

The legendary keyboardist, piano player, singer, songwriter and producer known for his collaborations with Gil Scott Heron in the 70s Brian Jackson in the studio recently with the PHONON SMB-02 recording with the Masters At Works for an album project! Check out his brand new album “This is Brian Jackson” which just came out on BBE Music. A big thank you and congratulations to Louie Vega who also released his new album “Expansions in the NYC”! 

SMB-01L was evaluated by Diapason, a leading French monthly magazine.

A great review of the SMB-01L in the February 2022 709 issue of the n°1 French-speaking monthly magazine for classical music and hi-fi, Diapason! “The love of classical music, the passion of excellence”.

Musical contribution 5/5 Interest 5/5

“…although the music lover is not confronted with the same concern, he will appreciate a linear and extended response, a good neutrality and a sufficient transparency, the whole without excessive fatigue. The SMB-01 L was objectively designed with this in mind and, as such, it is not a demonstrative headphone. Neutral is the best word for it, while not cheating on tonal color and dynamics. The bass level is consistent without being excessive and the midrange is very well articulated, just that the SMB-01L appears more reserved in immediate comparison with more chiseled headphones.”
“Enough to put the SMB-01L in the category of “sustainable music investment”.”


The long-awaited legitimate successor SMB-02G is finally released. Nomex, a material used in high-end speakers, is used in the recoil version to greatly enhance sound quality. The cable, which used to be directly attached, has been changed to a detachable type for improved ease of use. The new model has achieved reliable performance as a monitor headphone.

French online audio magazine “ON-Mag” tests and reviews the SMB-01L

“The Phonon SMB-01L is a devilishly musical headphone”: here is a great test review (4.5/5) of the SMB-01L in the French audio specialised online magazine ON-Mag describing the SMB-01L as “Open or closed headphones, devilishly musical” and praising its “Dual personality” features. The SMB-01L will be in the ON-Mag 2022 headphones guide.

Read the full article here

For more information about SMB-01L, click here

bonedo × SMB-01L

Here is a great detailed test review (5/5) (in German) of our hi-end flagship model the SMB-01L Professional Monitoring Headphones “big studio sound in your ears” by Mijk Van Djik on the top German music equipment related site bonedo!

Paris Audio Video Show 2021

We are very much looking forward to exhibiting at the (most important event dedicated to High Fidelity Audio and Home Cinema in France) Paris Audio Video Show 2021 on October 23/24/25 at the “Headphones Space” at the New Cap Event Center in the center of Paris!

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