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The high-end model of the SMB-02 series, developed and based on the concept of reproducing studio near-field monitors in headphones.
PHONON’s original 4-core cable + shield is inserted into both the left and right sides of the cables to optimise the signal path. By completely separating the left and right grounds, the left and right common impedance interference is reduced.
An XLR 4-core connector model is also available as an option.
High sound quality was achieved through further tuning, including adjustment of reflections inside the headphones and frame ground control.

How to use

Connect to a music player and use.
The headphones are not distorted even when the volume is turned up, but please enjoy them at a moderate volume to protect your ears.



Be sure to use at a moderate volume that will not irritate your ears.
Please be careful not to pinch your fingers between the parts.
Do not disassemble or modify the product.
Do not give a strong shock.
Always handle the cord by the plug to prevent breakage and accidents.
In public places, please keep the volume down so as not to disturb other people.
The ear pads will deteriorate with use and storage, affecting the sound quality of the headphones. For best sound quality, we recommend that you replace the pads regularly.

SMB-02G SPECIAL EDITION Specifications

Type Sealed dynamic type / Semi-open (optional plate)
Driver                                          Φ40mm
Sensitivity                                   101dB/mW
Playback frequency range         10 to 40,000Hz
Maximum input                          1,000mW
Impedance                                 32 ohm
Weight                                       313g (not including cord and plug)
Plug                                           Φ6.3 / Φ3.5mm gold-plated stereo 2-way plug
Cord length (connection method) Detachable 2m, single-sided (4-wire, LR independent ground connection)

Instructions for use

Connect to music player
Enjoy at an appropriate volume to protect ears



Always use at an appropriate volume that will not damage ears
Be careful not to catch fingers between the parts
Do not disassemble or modify
Do not drop or strike against hard objects
Hold the plug when handling the cord to prevent disconnection and accidents
Please be conscious of volume in public and do not disturb other people
Replace ears pads regularly to ensure best sound quality (ear pads deteriorate with use and storage)