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Carlos “Storm” Martinez

Audio Engineer,Sound Editor

We did a simple application of the liquid to the headphone jack and instantly heard a real difference in clarity and range. The type of difference you’d hear after a full day of tech work in a studio-except it took 30secs.

I listen with my headphones everyday thru a presonus central station. I made sure both volume pots were at the same level and did an A/B test between mine and the phonon headphones.

The phonon’s were 3-5db louder right away, no distortion and a good deal “wider” both in spectrum and color. I’ll buy a set as soon as they go on sale.


I 1st tried the prototype headphones a few months ago. Alex and I did a few comparison tests against my Sony 7502’s–making sure volume was matched-and they outperformed them all around.

I’ve been using them exclusively since then and they’ve vastly improved my workflow. My normal workflow would be design in the cans, then turn on my blue sky system to set levels and mix. Now I can get levels set in the headphones. » Read More…

George Stavro

Integral Sound,NY

Thanks so much for the introduction to the Phonon products especially the enhancer/contact liquid.I have had a problematic input connector on one of my EQs in my studio.Since applying the Phonon liquid, it has never given me a problem again. I have used some of the best contact enhancers available in the past but seen to find they need constant application.

I have yet to reapply the Phonon liquid and the EQ has not missed a beat since which made me go through my entireequipment and apply it to all the input and output connectors.My only complaint to you is that you may need to make it in a 300ml. bottle the way I’ve been using it.

Also the modification to my headphones are great. They have a great high frequency projection that I’d never experienced before.Again, many thanks for the introduction to some great product.

Dj Deep

deeply rooted house music records, E&S, Paris

The Phonon liquid helps you optimize your connection in a very impressive way! It is very noticeable on audio connections from my DJR400 mixer to my amplifier.

In my opinion the Phonon headphones gives you a unique stereo experience, the sound is powerful, warm and very wide yet very precise and defined and the stereo image is absolutely awesome!

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