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03 Stick

The 03 Stick DJ headphone!

  • The SMB-03 based, mixed L-R channels mono DJ stick headphone with a comfortable natural rubber sponge stick and a long curl cord. Perfect for extended DJ sets.
  • * When using the 03 Stick with a DJ mixer with split cue function, the cue channel and the master channel will be mixed together as your output. Please check your DJ mixer.

How To Use

  1. Connect to your DJ MIXER
  2. For safety and to protect your ears please enjoy at a moderate sound level


  • Please always use the 03 stick at a moderate sound level for safety and ear protection.
  • Please be cautious not to pinch your fingers in between the hinges and other parts.
  • Please do not disassemble, re-fashion or attempt to take apart the 03 stick.
  • Please avoid dropping, jarring, or roughly handling the 03 stick.
  • To prevent accidents related to broken wires, always handle the the 03 stick cord using the connection plug.