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I’ve been asking Mr. Kumano, an engineer at PHONON and one of the leading mastering engineers in Japan, to master my albums for the past five years.
The first time I used the SMB-01L as headphones for checking in the studio, I was curious about them ever since, and I installed them in 2022. I thought the idea of using headphones to achieve studio large monitor sound was very typical of Mr. Kumano, who is both a craftsman and an artist.
When I let my friends try them out, they all said they couldn’t help but laugh.
I’ve been using them with the plates changed to open type, and I had a strange illusion that I had to take off my headphones to check if the sound was coming from the outside speakers at the same time, even though it was only coming from inside my ears.
This is a very enthusiastic piece of gear that gives you a euphoric feeling that cannot be explained in words, not only for music production but also for listening.

JUVENILE / Twitter

ナノダイヤモンドによる接点改善剤 PHONON CLEANER

改良を重ね、新たにリリースするPHONON CLEANER。

これまでのPHONON LIQUID 3nより接点クリーニング性能を大幅に向上させ、同等クラスサイズのナノダイヤモンドの含有量も大幅にUPした新たな接点改善剤となりました。

3-5nのナノダイヤモンドを従来品より大量に配合したこのPHONON CLEANERはあらゆる電気接点部分に塗布する事で ジョイント部分の細かな傷などによる接点ロスを解消しシステム本来のパフォーマンスへと導きます。




bonedo × SMB-01L

Here is a great detailed test review (5/5) (in German) of our hi-end flagship model the SMB-01L Professional Monitoring Headphones “big studio sound in your ears” by Mijk Van Djik on the top German music equipment related site bonedo!

Paris Audio Video Show 2021

We are very much looking forward to exhibiting at the (most important event dedicated to High Fidelity Audio and Home Cinema in France) Paris Audio Video Show 2021 on October 23/24/25 at the “Headphones Space” at the New Cap Event Center in the center of Paris!

bonedo × SMB-03

Here is a great detailed test review (4.5/5) by Mijk Van Djik on the top German music equipment related site bonedo on our low-end monitoring headphones model the SMB-03:

The Phonon SMB-03 is equally suitable for playing and working on music”  

“symbiosis of DJ and studio headphones”

1952年創業のオーディオ専門店 【ホーム商会】

ハイエンド オーディオ ショップ 「ホーム商会」にて、PHONON製品のお取り扱いが開始。
世界中のハイエンド オーディオを、お好みのミュージックソフトを持ち込みご視聴頂ける老舗のオーディオ専門店です。

〒150-0004 東京都目黒区鷹番3-21-21
Phone : 03-3711-0600




Stephen Shirk (SHIRK Studios in Chicago)

The great sound engineer and music producer Stephen Shirk about the SMB-01L from his SHIRK Studios in Chicago:

“I do find that the 01L’s are a great way to listen back to finished mixes…  Kind of like putting the mix up on the control room mains.  It’s a more enjoyable experience. Smooth and extended on both sides of the spectrum. I keep the 02’s plugged into my Little Labs Monitor next to the console and my 01L’s at home for checking my mixes outside of the studio.”

Frank Wiedemann (Ame, Howling, Innervisions, Bigamo)

The multi-talented musician, composer and electronic music producer Frank Wiedemann (Ame, Howling, Innervisions, Bigamo, Berlin) in his studio with the SMB-01L:

“I am loving my SMB-01L as master headphones in the studio“

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