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  • “GROOVE” Germany’s top electroni

    Here is great review and interview (in german) on phonon in German ...

     → more2014.10.21
  • West German HiFi Days 2014

    West German HiFi Days 2014 10/4-5/2014 Bonn, Germany Great review ...

     → more2014.10.21
  • review of our SMB-02 on NYC onli

    Here is a great review of our SMB-02 headphones on the NYC online ...

     → more2014.10.07
  • CanJam trade show 2014

    * canJam 2014 The SMB-02 were very well welcomed at the specialise ...

     → more2014.10.03
  • Our amazing new partners!!!

    Our amazing new partners!!! Austria, Germany and South-Eastern Eur ...

     → more2014.10.03

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