Mobile Hi-Fi Phone 4000


MobileするHi-End System

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Now carry with you the pure sound of the SMB-02, which has been highly praised in the professional audio world, with our newest mobile headphone, the Phonon 4000.

Foldable and compact, the 4000 are the perfect mobile headphones for enjoying music as well as monitoring while in the DJ booth.

Despite its portable size, the 4000 uses the same 40mm driver as the SMB-02 embodying the unique precision tuning expertise only offered through Phonon.

Our in-house sound master is known for his golden ear, through which he tunes headphones in such a way that incorporates his own proprietary tuning materials and techniques.

While this can be  a costly process to most large manufacturers,  Phonon’s mission is to be uncompromising in the pursuit of sound quality.

With unprecedented space definition and sense of speed which characterizes Phonon, the 4000 delivers powerful sound experience in a new convenient form.