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Made exclusively for the KORG 1bit USB DAC.

The SMB-02 DS-DAC edition headphone was made exclusively for the KORG 1bit USB DAC Digital to Analog Converter, the DS-DAC.

phonon and the veteran japanese sound engineer Shinichi Akagawa teamed up to focus to produce the very best playback environment in your ears of the excellent sound quality of the DS-DAC.

To achieve the best sound quality from your digital out or line out, the tuning was based on the SMB-02 taking into account the features and characteristics of the DS-DAC headphone amplifier.

After repeated fine tuning over details such as sound absorption and cabling, the final tuned sound is the sound of the instruments played by the musicians.

Our goal is to enjoy music even more, easily with the best quality!


  • Tuning of the pro studio-use SMB-02 for the KORG DSD sound
  • The very best playback experience possible by the excellent space definition, frequency and phase characteristics of the DSD
  • High precision monitoring from phonon’s original know how
  • Thick but lightweight ear pads that remain comfortable even after long hours of use


Type enclosed dynamic
Driver Φ40mm
Sensitivity 98dB/1mW at 1kHz
Playback frequency range 20〜20,000Hz
Maximum input 1,300mW
Rated input 80mW
Impedance 40Ω
Weight (including cable and plug) 298g
Plug Φ6.3 / Φ3.5mm gold-plated stereo 2 way plug
Cable length (wiring) 3m (4 wires-type L/R independent ground wire connection)

Comments from Shinichi Akagawa:

Some trustful work colleagues of mine asked me “do you want to listen to these headphones?” and as always I replied “Yes, I would like to listen to them” and I listened to them. Usually as a big fan and user of the CD900ST, I use my headphones for “super low frequencies and noise check”, and I have been avoiding to use and listen to them for a long time.

The reason is that ears do get fatigued, and it takes some time then to get used to get back to speakers.

When I listened to the “phonon SMB-02” which wasn’t familiar a brand to me, there was there a wide hi quality world. A wide sound field, a clear orientation, a great range from natural mid-hi stretching to super low range frequencies. A sound that is thought to meet all the conditions required for a headphone, and I wouldn’t feel any fatigue. Immediately I said to myself “I am buying these”, and since I got hold of them they are one of my reference tools.

I have been using them all the time since then, if any musician/performer would suffer to monitor their sound I would tell them “do you want to use these?” and I would hand them to them. The ratio of the people who has once listened to them and bought them is high, more than anything else when you have your SMB-02 on, your playing performance gets better. The mid hi range is not dense, it is said that the pitch of the sound is easy to catch.

So as I have been loving them this way, I ended up helping the development of a project. After spending a couple of hours with Isao Kumano of phonon, discussing and selecting parts, we created the special headphone model “SMB-02 DS-DAC edition” for the KORG DAC-10.

The main change from the original SMB-02 is the cabling, and thanks to this the resolution is better. Without having to stop its development, we have succeeded in taking over the good points of the original SMB-02. And now, it is about how it will reach everybody’s ears. I really would like all of you to experience this amazing world!

  • * All the products’ and standard’s names are from our respective companies and are registered trademarks
  • * Products’ specifications are subject to change without any notice
  • * The sales of this product is by KORG CO.,LTD.


The KORG DS-DAC-10, a simple “high quality sound playback” system you just connect with a USB cable to your Mac, Windows computer. This hardware features the 1bit technology that has been approved by professionals packed in one small box and is for listening music in the best sound quality.