review in The New York Times !!!

Our SMB-02 gets a honour review in  The New York Times.

In the July 24th 2013 New York Times our phonon SMB-02 headphones gets an amazing review in the article “The New Audio Geeks” in the Home & Garden section

WHAT THEY DO These over-ears headphones are made by a Japanese company with an audio dream team that includes a veteran sound engineer, a music producer and a D.J. The results are known in the audiophile world as “the holy grail of headphones” for their comfort and clear, lush sound. “We get batches in 10 at a time from Japan,” Mr. Toto said, “and sell them out immediately.”

PHONONのSMB-02が”The New York Times”誌で紹介されました。

7/24付 The New York Times誌のHome&Gardenセクションでの記事「The New Audio Geeks」の最後にSMB-02が紹介されました。